Garden Caregivers PRE-ICO


Garden Caregivers is located on the corner of Ventura Blvd and Corbin inside the 711 parking lot! 

Garden Caregivers is a Pre-ICO Collective that welcomes Recreational and Medicinal Marijuana customers 21+ to explore a vast inventory of cannabis products. We pride ourselves in keeping our shelves stocked with top industry brands in Edibles, Concentrates, Cartridges, CBD Products, and more. The Collective staff at Garden Caregivers comply with California Proposition 215 and Proposition 64. Los Angeles recreational canna customers with questions can speak with a knowledgeable cannabis professional in-person or by phone.


License Type : Medical
Address : 19654 Ventura Blvd
City : Tarzana
State : CA
Address : 19654 Ventura Blvd
Min Age : 18
Retailer Services storefront
Brands : Kush Queen, Delta 9 Labs, Madre Organic, stick.e.vape, Yummi Karma, Sugar Stoned, Master Growers, Timeless Vapes


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