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Due to Marin County laws we are unable to fulfill recreational orders. Marin County remains a Medicinal Cannabis county only until further notice. * CALL 415-299-1750 * For quick membership - (Send photo of State issued I.D or Passport and a photo of Dr. recommendation card or paperwork) to - * $50.00 Minimum donation * New patients MUST pay with CASH on their first order and reach a minimum of $50. * NEW patients get 1 Top Shelf gram of FLOWER for FREE. * Free Delivery * $75 Minimum order for any address North of, (and including) Nave Dr, Novato * $75 Minimum order for any address South of, (and including) E. Blithedale Ave, Mill Valley * $75 Minimum order for all of Fairfax * NO NEW patients after 8pm on weekdays and 8:30pm on weekends. (Excluding Sunday) * Top-shelf product, respect, and safety. * We take great care to ensure organic quality, and sustainability.


License Type : Medical
City : Novato
State : CA
Min Age : 18
Retailer Services delivery


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